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Students should arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class begins.  Students may use this time to change, use the restroom, stretch, and prepare mentally. We encourage students to be on time and not miss class. 

Absence & Make-up Lessons 

Please let us know by email if a student won't be attending class due to illness or other obligation!  Doing so helps us stay connected with your family and arrange for make-up lessons if needed.  We also take time as a class to pray for students when they are unable to attend.  Students can make up a missed lesson in a class level below theirs, with permission from the instructor.


Heather Keckeisen 

Director of Student Development

Karen Marinin         

Director of Ministry Outreach

Amanda Struebing  

Director of Business Management

*To reach all other instructors please email and we will pass along the message!                  

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