Experience dance--with a difference!


Acts 17:28 Dance offers classes for all ages!  Our desire is to provide a positive, respectful, and encouraging atmosphere for dancers of all skill levels to grow in their abilities, and to partner with parents as their children learn discipline, self-control, and the joy and freedom that dance provides.

Placement is based on age for younger students and evaluation for older students. We do reserve the right to determine class placement for every student regardless of age or training; not all students progress technically, artistically, intellectually, or emotionally at the same rate.  Our teaching faculty will determine when a student is ready to advance to the next level.  

Ballet classes for Preschool children through Ballet 4 meet once per week.  Once students reach Ballet 5 and above, the curriculum expands to include more than one class per week to ensure continuous, steady growth.  Community dance classes meet once per week.

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Ballet classes are designed to engage your child's imagination, promote development of fundamental motor movements, and instill a love of music and dance in young students.  

The Mommy and Me class is designed for 2-3 yr olds and an accompanying adult, and is offered as a 6-week session each semester. This dance class explores locomotor movement, listening skills, musicality and creativity.


Preschool classes begin at age 3, and class length is 30 minutes.  Children must be potty trained to begin and have a birthday prior to September 1st.  



Classroom fundamentals change as students grow.  Preparatory classes for Ballet 1 - 8 will challenge your student to learn the basics of classical ballet in an incremental way.  Students will be encouraged to reach appropriate benchmarks in their development.

Ballet 5 and above begin to take classes more than once a week.  Ballet 6 students begin to add modern dance as part of their curriculum.  Ballet 7 is a prerequisite for a student to receive their first pointe shoes. 

Students in Preparatory classes can embrace the challenges of growing in their abilities and enjoy their own personal level of achievement.  It is realistic to expect that students may remain in a level for more than one year to encourage strength and growth before promotion to the next level.

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Conservatory dancers commit to a more demanding schedule of classes, diversity in their training through the addition of modern and contemporary dance styles, and more opportunities for performance.  

Our goal for conservatory dancers is, upon completion of our program, to be prepared to enter the dance world in their local community, in college programs, or the professional realm. 


Dance is fun!  Whether your student pursues dance with a passion for their future, or just wants to experience a new dance style, we have classes for you!  No prior dance experience is needed for most community level classes.

Ballet Basics: Ages 10-16 

Students will be introduced to the basics of ballet technique and grow in their appreciation for the beauty of dance.  

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet:  Age 16+

For students with several years of dance experience.  Did you love dance in high school?  Come move with us!  College dancers welcome!

Hip Hop:  Ages 6 through high school

High-energy classes available for three different age groups, taught to Christian music.

Jazz:  Ages 10-16

From Broadway styles to the Lindy Hop, come try this fun dance style with upbeat music. 

Beginning Modern: Ages 10-16

Students will explore a variety of movement concepts, and improvisation will be introduced.  

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Adult Barre & Worship:  Age 16+

This class introduces basic ballet technique at the barre, and then uses those fundamentals to enhance worshiping through movement across the floor.

Adult Pray, Stretch, Move:  Age 16+

This class is designed for all body types and skill levels.  We will engage our hearts, minds, souls, and strength as we loosen our muscles, build core strength, and find fluid movements to release stress!  Come in comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.