Experience dance--with a difference!


Acts 17:28 Dance offers classes for all ages!  Our desire is to provide a positive, respectful, and encouraging atmosphere for dancers of all skill levels to grow in their abilities, and to partner with parents as their children learn discipline, self-control, and the joy and freedom that dance provides.


Our structured Ballet, Modern, & Hip Hop programs allow students to start in age-based classes and leaves room to grow, be challenged, and move up at their own pace.  Placement is based on age for younger students and evaluation for older students.  


Additional age-based community classes in Creative Dance, Jazz, & Adult Ballet and Stretch offer fun opportunities for all that don’t focus on performance. 

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What style of ballet do we teach?

We are truly an American dance school!  Our teachers have all been trained in a variety of methods.  Our classical ballet curriculum is strongly influenced by RAD (Royal Ballet) & Cecchetti methods.  Conservatory students are further exposed to Bournonville, Balanchine, & Vaganova ideals as they progress in their training.

  • Ballet classes for young students are designed to engage your child's imagination, promote development of fundamental motor movements, and instill a love of music and dance.  Ballet classes for Tiny Tots (age 3) through Ballet 4 meet once per week.

  • Once students reach Ballet 5 and above, the curriculum expands to include two classes per week to ensure continuous, steady growth.

  • Ballet 6 students begin to explore modern dance for diversity in training.

  • Ballet 7 students focus on pre-pointe, a prerequisite for receiving their first pointe shoes.

  • All Ballet classes perform in the Spring Showcase.

Read more about Ballet Classes here


What IS modern dance?

At Acts Dance we desire to prepare well rounded dancers, firmly rooted in their ballet training, but ready for anything.  We offer a progressive modern and contemporary curriculum for students beginning at age 8.  As students move through the program levels, they will experience class work in movement fundamentals, modern dance technique, improvisation, and a variety of dance styles.  


Beginner and intermediate classes explore concepts of body connectivity and theories of space, time, and force, inspired by the work of Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff, as tools for gaining movement fluency.  Intermediate and advanced students move through a range of dance techniques with influences of Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Jose Limon, Merce Cunningham, Bill Evans, and others.  Advanced dancers also study contemporary (expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, ballet & hip hop).

  • Modern 1 is an open level class for students ages 8-12

  • Students will progress to Modern 2 and Advanced classes upon teacher recommendation.

  • All Modern classes perform in the Spring Showcase.

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Hip Hop 

What style of Hip Hop do we teach?

Acts Dance Hip Hop students develop confidence, coordination, rhythm, and expression in an upbeat and energetic environment that both honors God with Christian music and honors the dance form.  Beginner dancers progress through the basic fundamentals of Hip Hop such as waving, tutting, footwork, and breakdance moves like the top rock and six-step.  A variety of styles are taught in order to learn to work different parts of the body; for example, tuts teach coordination, waving develops control, and breakdancing builds upper body and leg strength.  Dancers are introduced to Krump technique including pops, stomps, jabs, arm swings, and balance points.  Intermediate and advanced dancers are challenged with more complex and difficult steps and combinations and are encouraged to explore freestyle.

  • Students begin in age-based classes and move on to Intermediate and Advanced classes upon teacher recommendation.

  • All Hip Hop classes perform in the Spring Showcase.


Dance is fun!  Whether your student pursues dance with a passion for their future, or just wants to experience a new dance style, we have classes for you!  No prior dance experience is needed for most community level classes.

Community classes meet once per week and do not perform in the Spring Showcase...these are non-performance classes for the joy of dance!  Small informal in-house parent showings highlight what community class kids have learned.

Creative Dance:  Ages 3-7

A fun introduction to modern dance and improvisation for young children!  Students will explore movement concepts such as space, shape, direction, level, timing, and effort.  Dancers will be challenged in their flexibility, balance, coordination, musicality, creative thinking, and problem solving.  Class activities will include stretches, dance, locomotor skills, and creative movement with music and props such as bean bags, scarves, and ribbons.  No dance experience necessary.  *We are currently taking a wait list for Creative Dance classes... email your interest today!

Ballet/Jazz Combo:  Ages 9-13

A perfect way to give dance a try!  Experience the beauty and grace of ballet combined with the energy and excitement of jazz.  Each class will begin with work on ballet skills and basic technique, and then transition into the popular and lively style of jazz to get students moving quicker and developing musicality.  No dance experience necessary. 

Teen Ballet 4:  Ages 10-16

Love the beauty and elegance of ballet?  Worried your student is too old to get started?  As part of our Ballet program, this class is a foundational level class for the older student getting started.  Ballet class will include basics at the barre and movement across the floor.  Students will work to master Ballet 4 level technique and skills in order to progress into Ballet 5 in the future.  

Intermediate Adult Ballet:  Age 16+

Did you love dance in high school?  Come move with us! 

90-minute intermediate level ballet technique class for teen and adult students with several years of dance experience. College dancers welcome!

*We are currently taking a wait list for Adult Ballet classes... email your interest today!

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Adult Barre & Worship:  Age 16+

Barre & Worship is designed to boost your confidence in dance as a form of praise while strengthening your techqnique.  Starting with a ballet barre warm up at the barre, the second half of class focuses on worship focused dance movement across the floor, occasionally exploring use of worship tools like flags and ribbons.  No dance experience necessary. 

Adult Pray, Stretch, Move:  Age 16+

This class is designed for all body types, no dance experience needed!  We will engage our heart, soul, mind, and strength as we loosen our muscles, build our core strength, and find fluid movements to release our stress!  Come in comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.