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We count it as a privilege to call our dance spaces our home and wish to be good stewards of all of our resources.  An outline for general etiquette follows. 

In addition to the School Guidelines document, a few facts:

We maintain our own separate lost and found bin; please ask our Hospitality Team for help. Unclaimed items are donated at the end of each semester.


Our Hospitality Team also keeps two swap boxes; one for dance attire and one for ballet slippers. Gently used dance items that your child has outgrown may be placed in the box for other students, in hopes that you might find the next size up for your child.  Please: no holes, stains, or shoes without a mate!



Dress for dance success! To promote an atmosphere of discipline, focus, and professionalism, Acts 17:28 Dance follows a dress code for all of our classes. Class leotards are assigned for ballet levels. Neat, well-fitted dance clothing and quality footwear is expected in all of our classes. It is important for teachers to see their students' alignment and positioning, and for students to work together without distraction to achieve their goals!

We partner with Ballera Dance store in Brookfield to provide a local retailer that carries our required leotards and tights, as well as recommended dance shoes.  This gives you the opportunity to try on different sizes and have a one-stop shopping experience for your dance needs.  In the near future you will also be able to order online from Ballera.  


Each class level is assigned a different leotard. Please check the chart below for specific color and style. We use matching leotards as a base for costumes later in the year. We want to be sure the shoes, tights, and leotard brands we choose are of high quality and will wear well.​


Students in Tiny Tots through Level 6 must wear their class leotard for every class.

Boys must wear plain white T-shirt, black shorts, white socks, and black ballet shoes.  Shoes should be purchased at Ballera Dance.

Summer Session Dress Code: We understand that summer should be fun and our policy relaxes from the School Year standard.  Girls must wear a solid-colored leotard, light pink footed tights, and pink ballet shoes.  If you are planning to continue with classes in the fall, purchasing the uniform for your child's level is recommended.


For full dress code guidelines, specific colors, styles, and leotard order information, click the Dress Requirements button below.

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